Sound expert knowledge, proven editorial skills and a passion for finding just the right word.



Growing up bilingual meant that from a very early age, I was able to grasp just how much words impact the way we think. As a result, identifying a product’s USP, or developing a brand and finding the right tone to convey its message, is practically second nature to me.

  • Native languages: German & French
  • Master’s Degree (Magister) in German, English and Romance Languages
  • State certified translator
  • 12 years as a permanent employee at a large German online portal (roughly 6 million visits/month). I initially started as a translator and editor but later worked as managing editor.
  • Self-employed translator since 2010.

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artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, cloud computing, high performance computing

rare conditions (in particular neurofibromatosis and trisomies), cancer and cancer treatments, psychology and psychiatry, palliative care

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