Marketing translation:
It takes more than just pretty words

A catchy slogan, a clever headline, a powerful message… creative translations make your brand unforgettable to German customers

Background knowledge

Emotions are the key to successful marketing


A marketing text does more than transmit information—it also needs to evoke emotion. And that’s truer than ever in today’s market, where consumers are inundated with options for products and services. To be effective, marketing texts need to go beyond logic and appeal to potential customers at an emotional level. Standard 1:1 translations can’t do that.

Here are some typical types of marketing translations:


  • Website
  • Blog article
  • Newsletter
  • Social media posts
  • Ad campaigns
  • Flyers & posters
  • Brochures
  • Product catalogs
Corporate communication
  • Press releases
  • Presentations
  • Case studies
  • White paper

Numbers & Facts

Results of a recent survey on localization

of those surveyed reported a positive return on investment (ROI)
of the experts reported a positive impact on customer engagement
have their automated translations revised by human translators



A German voice for your brand—unique and unmistakably you


A good marketing translation gives your company a German brand voice. It reveals what lies hidden between the lines—all the details that make your company and your products so unique. This lets you stand out from the competition and leaves a lasting impression on your potential customers. That’s why I put special emphasis on the following when I’m working on a marketing translation:

  • Who is the German target group?
  • Using the language of the target group, in a way that is appropriate for the type of text
  • Emotion
  • Values
  • Tone of voice
  • USP

Work sample

Transcreation of a claim and short product presentation for an outdoor food brand.


Giuseppe Malara, Creative Words

We have been working with Magali for one year now. We were looking for a German translator to rework an important customer's website. The customer had had their website translated but they were unhappy with the results. They wanted a translator with copywriting skills who could adapt the content to fit local markets, rewriting it where necessary. Magali quickly understood the USP of the product and tailored the German texts to the target group. Our client is more than happy with her work and so are…

Elizaveta Kharlamova, Recharge

Magali is very responsive and the communication with her is pleasant and efficient. Questions are addressed timely, feedback is quickly incorporated. The overall quality of Magali's work (SEO copy and marketing transcreation) is excellent and in alignment with our company strategy.

Anja Adam, i.A. von Egmont Ehapa Media GmbH

Magali provides thoroughly researched translations that are precisely tailored to our target audience. The press releases and website texts she delivers are ready to be published. This is an extremely valuable support for us, especially since speed and accuracy are often required.


These three terms are often used as synonyms. Transcreation is the overarching term and describes the process of translating while simultaneously creating something new: trans + creation. Unlike a standard translation, transcreation conveys the emotion and intention of the original text, along with the meaning, in a way that is appropriate for the new language and culture. Transcreation is also often referred to as creative translation or adaptive translation.

Marketing translations are a sub-category of transcreation. The term refers specifically to the translation of texts that are used to market a product or company.