Medical translations with expertise and precision

Ensure the success of your German campaigns with translations that appeal to your clients, patients, and employees—and which are precise, expertly crafted, and legally sound.


The fine art of medical translation

Marketing translations for the pharma and medtech industries require a special skill set. When you bring a new medical product to market, the USP needs to be precise and legally sound, while also making it easy for the target group to recognize the unique benefits it offers. Customer communication requires persuasion, patients require sensitivity, and international teams need motivation. A word-for-word translation just won’t do the trick. To craft an effective translation, your translator needs to take liberties with the text—which makes it even more essential that they have the specialized knowledge to make informed decisions.

Work sample

Translation of a research publication on the potential increases in prevalence and use of synthetic opioids (SO).


Communicate clearly, build trust, and empower people

Attract German-speaking customers with brochures that clearly communicate your message. Win over German-speaking patients with online content that builds trust. And get your German-speaking team on board with motivational internal communication.

I bring your German brand voice to life and create content tailored to your target audience—in the following areas of expertise:

  • Hearing aids
  • Cancer and cancer treatments
  • Psychology and psychiatry
  • Palliative care
  • Rare disorders (particularly neurofibromatosis and trisomies)


Maria Katsiouli, NLG GmbH

When I receive a request for a marketing translation into German, I like to turn to Magali. She is very professional, quickly understands the requirements and delivers accordingly. She is also very responsive and I know I can count on her when I have a challenging project at hand. I am more than happy with the outcome she delivers.

Project Manager, Tag

Magali’s translations always read fluently and make use oft he correct reminology. With her tone of voice she is spot on. She communicates reliably, asks the right questions and delivers on time. We really enjoy working with her!

Iliana Koumpli, NLG GmbH

As a translation project manager I regularly work with Magali on various projects. She is our go-to-translator for German SEO translation. I really enjoy working with her because I know I can always rely on her. She asks all the right questions and in case of any issues, she will come up with a clever solution. It's a pleasure to work with her.